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Finish Firefighter Memorial

October 17, 2014


After nine years of fundraising work and savings conducted by the firefighters of the Richmond Firefighters Association, Phase 1 of their Fallen Firefighter Memorial project surrounding fire station's electronic sign on the front lawn is complete.  The project's scope is to honor the fallen firefighters who lost their lives at the Twin Towers on 9-11 and also to remember the many men and women who have served our community as firefighters of the Richmond Township Fire Protection District.  The firefighters have been saving up for this project for almost nine years.  Every month the firefighters make personal contributions to the fund which is supplemented by their annual AFFF Bike Ride & Pig Roast fundraiser every year.  2014 marked the eighth annual AFFF Bike Ride and Pig Roast.  The project was funded 100% by the firefighters. 

The project actually got a jump start this summer, when Munson Ski and Marine of Fox Lake donated their old electronic signboard for the project and then Sign Appeal donated the installation of the sign.  The main sign was cleaned up and painted and the stationís flag pole was moved from its original position to the memorial area with two smaller flag poles added. With the American Flag waiving proudly atop the tallest pole, the two smaller poles will fly the Illinois State Flag and The Fallen Firefighter Memorial Flag.

Phase 1 of the work consisted of laying down a combination cement /paver brick patio area and walk way around the electronic sign. A life-sized statue of a firefighter will soon be hoisted onto a brick pier that has been built alongside the sign.  The firefighter statue will face Route 12 to serve as a reminder for all who pass by it, of the sacrifices that were made that fateful day of September 11, 2001 at the Twin Towers, and by todayís firefighters who continue to risk their lives every shift to help others.  A planter box will be located under the electronic sign for annual plantings of flowers.  In the spring, the firefighters will dress the area up further with perennial flowers planted around the memorial area and add park benches around the patio area.   Dwarf boxwoods will surround the display pad for the antique fire truck.  A dedication ceremony is planned for late spring 2015.  At some point in the future, the names of those who have served our community as a firefighter will be etched into the paver bricks around the sign. 

In Phase 2 it is the hope of the firefighters they will be able to afford to add granite memorial stones and a fire bell to the memorial area.   They are also trying to secure a piece from one of the actual Twin Towers, which would be incorporated into a fountain/reflection area. 

Richmond Fire Chief Rick Gallas added, knowing how hard our firefighters worked to raise these funds over a period of years on their own, to construct such a worthy project for our community and the fire service as a whole, speaks loudly about the character of the men and women who serve our community today as present day firefighters, medics and EMT's.  I am very proud of their efforts and their support of the Richmond Township Fire Protection District.

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